Crash and Ride

me and my monkey

Text: fmlyn/McNaney

wake up on my couch again, it's 8 o'clock at night

feeling quite wasted, i think i might have had a fight
i look inside my pocket and i see i've got no cash
an empty whisky bottle and a bed full of ash

my days go by in a hazy bubble

my night time activities causing trouble
after all i'm just seeing double
but for you my strange love...

i sing...

uh uh yeah blame me if you want to
uh uh yeah catch me if you can
uh uh yeah the good and the bad boy
uh uh yeah i do cos i can

i've got to set sail again down electric island

but this horror feeling grows and grows
the monkey won't go out again
i've got to make the effort, cos it is the weekend
and i don't want the weekend to end

out of the dead end

dive into the deep end
i'm in the right end

so i phone round my mates, a few deals i have to make
i've got to get some money, something to keep me awake
i try to explain to the lady from the answering machine
that i won't make it out if i gotta stay clean

ain't there noone in this town, who feels a bit like me

most people always nagging, call it lazy what i call free
life gives good looking clever boys shed-loads of chances to win
me and my monkey we're on top of the world
we love the game we're in!!